Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Fitzroy Street fantasy - What the Park could look like

Trees, park benches, people and free Wi-Fi in Fitzroy Street Park (Albert Park on Fitzroy Street)

The reality (Albert Park on Fitzroy Street) pre-May 2010

The elm trees in this park on St Kilda's Fitzroy Street were cut down years ago and in May 2010 Parks Victoria began some tree replacement - alas no elms or deciduous shade trees. Future efforts by Port Phillip Council and Parks Victoria need to be focussed on making this area as people friendly as possible.  The local community has put forward plans for this. A coherent people oriented design with more seating and shade trees would be a start
Here's the progress as at 3 June 2010 :

From St Kilda Today

Here's a design for Albert Park on Fitzroy Street

Port Phillip Strategic Management Plan - Albert Park on Fitzroy Street - Is this happening?

"Ensure than open space assets such as Albert Park Reserve, which are not managed by Council, but which are highly significant to the local community, are protected, enhanced and well maintained."

Parks Victoria's 2002 tree strategy for Albert Park - Is this policy being implemented?

"An ongoing program of tree planting will be continued focusing on clusters of trees at strategic locations to provide shade and enhancement of key recreational areas and the maintenance of existing avenues. Tree types will be selected to reflect or complement the character of the immediate vicinity. Fast growing, low maintenance indigenous trees will be the preferred option where they would be consistent with the character of the park. There are significant areas of the park where the permanent planting of trees is inappropriate, including playing fields and areas required for the Grand Prix infrastructure each year.

To enhance the attractiveness of Albert Park by increasing the tree canopy to provide shelter and shade, to minimise the visual disruption caused by essential recreational support facilities.
maintain Albert Park’s character and amenity, Parks Victoria will:
• provide and maintain appropriate tree planting to:
- enhance the visual amenity of the park
- screen visual intrusions into the park environment without endangering visitor safety
- provide shelter and shade from the elements at strategic recreational locations
• maintain existing trees in good health and condition and progressively replace aged and
ailing specimens
• conserve and enhance remnant species where possible"
Parks Victoria's 2002 tree strategy for Albert Park

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Many parks around the world have trees planted in them

From Fitzroy Street
.... and park benches under the trees for people to sit on. Photo courtesy of James Nixon

Tuesday, October 7, 2008