Saturday, October 18, 2008

The reality (Albert Park on Fitzroy Street) pre-May 2010

The elm trees in this park on St Kilda's Fitzroy Street were cut down years ago and in May 2010 Parks Victoria began some tree replacement - alas no elms or deciduous shade trees. Future efforts by Port Phillip Council and Parks Victoria need to be focussed on making this area as people friendly as possible.  The local community has put forward plans for this. A coherent people oriented design with more seating and shade trees would be a start
Here's the progress as at 3 June 2010 :

From St Kilda Today


Paul said...

Actually getting around to building the skate park and planting the shade trees around it would be an excellent start.

Anonymous said...

yes, we need heaps of trees and benches, free wi-fi would be great. Benches placed in a circular area fro a communal gathering place. Lighting for walking through at night would be good too.
My only concern would be it could become even more unsafe to walk through there at night, with benches, you might get intoxicated people loitering there. A guy tried to mug me in that park at night 2 years ago. So whatever is done, and something should be done to complement the rest of fitzroy street, it should have safety in mind too.

Anonymous said...

Yeh - there's a lot of muggers in Fitzroy street!

Anonymous said...

Is anybody "sorry"?

Kate said...

Oh, my! that's quite a contrast and a good visionary motif.